Paul talked about the different ministries in the Church of Jesus Christ (universal church).

It is God who ordains, sets, and appoints those in the five-fold ministry. He also sets people in the local church in the ministry of helps. The ministry of helps is a supportive ministry to the five-fold ministry. God puts you in a church to support the pastoral ministry.

A definite and great way we can help is in the area of prayer. In a local church, we can help by praying for our own church. When we pray, we are helping the local church to fulfil whatever God has called her to do. Thus, we have a part in helping to fulfil God’s holy mandate upon the church.

People who pray are a gift to the local church.

Apostle Paul acknowledged the prayer help supplied to him by the Corinthian churches in his many perils and trials. Their prayers not only helped and delivered Paul, but were also a gift to the other churches which Paul ministered to.

When Paul’s ministry received help through prayer, it resulted in him helping more people.

There is a supply that comes through our prayers to others, and it is the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. When we pray and supply the Spirit of Jesus Christ to others, it provides them with whatever is necessary for the situation they face, such as God the Father’s wisdom and strength. The Spirit of the Lord is the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and reverence of the Lord.

Therefore, when we pray, we supply supernatural wisdom and power to those we pray. They can be pastors, the government, or those in authority.

For that reason, we must pray for all those in authority. Then there will be a constant supply of heavenly wisdom to the government leaders to tap into the higher wisdom of God when formulating policies and making decisions.

If the church does not pray and supply God’s heavenly and supernatural wisdom, there can be no wisdom from on high to tap. When God’s wisdom is not made available to them, they will operate from the lower wisdom of the world, which is earthly and demonic.

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