While on earth, Jesus said He did nothing of Himself. He only did what His Father taught or instructed Him. Jesus always does what pleases the Heavenly Father.

Jesus instructs the Holy Spirit to speak to us.
 So, the Holy Spirit instructs us.
 We need to listen and follow the instructions of the Holy Spirit.
 When we do so, we please the Heavenly Father.

The Holy Spirit prompts us to pray.
 When we yield to Him when He prompts us to pray, we will learn to recognise His leading in other areas of our lives.
 We will also develop yieldedness to Him.

He knows what is ahead and, therefore, prompts us to pray.
 He helps us preempt things from happening in our lives. It stops undesirable things from happening.

God knows and sees the devil is working and prompts us to pray.
 God’s plan for our lives requires the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Why does God prompt us to pray? Spiritual forces are coming against us.
 We pray so we can release God’s power to avert or change things before they happen to us.

The Holy Spirit also prompts us to pray regarding the desires of our hearts.

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