God made the sun to govern the day and the moon to govern the night. So the sun will mark the seasons, days, and years.

God created males and females. And He created them with male and female organs to have children to multiply themselves.

In His creation of the day and the night, God said His covenant was with the day, and His covenant was with the night. In other words, He is saying He has pledged or bound Himself with an oath of promise that the day and the night cannot and will not be broken. No one can change that, and God Himself will not change it. Satan does not have the power to change the day and the night. There will always be day and night to mark seasons, days, years.

God’s covenant is also with man. God’s covenant is also with the woman He created. God created them male and female, with reproductive organs, and when they come together, they will conceive a child. This process cannot be reversed or changed because it is God’s covenant with man and God’s covenant with the woman.

We cannot pray to change the sex of the child after conception. It is God’s covenant of reproduction to multiply themselves. We cannot change God’s covenant with man and woman by endorsing same-sex marriage, which never produces children.

Satan cannot change God’s covenant of the day and the night, but he can influence man and woman to change God’s covenant with them. How does Satan do that? By exploiting the minds of men and women with his perverted thinking.

Once a child is conceived, the gender is decided; the child is either a male or a female. To have a sex change is to break God’s covenant with the man and the woman. No matter how one changes their sex, they remain the same gender as when conceived in their mother’s womb because this is God’s covenant.

God’s covenant means God’s pledge or a binding oath of His promise. In other words, God’s oath is, He created the body. A man’s body will always be a man’s body, and He created the woman’s body; it will always be a woman’s body. No one can change it.

Every child born into this world has the spirit of life, which is without sin and alive to God. They are righteous, holy, without the sin nature, and no sin separates them from God.

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