In the beginning, Adam and Eve knew God, so they passed down this knowledge to their descendants.

However, humankind began to reject God. The descendants of Adam and Eve began to stop worshipping God. Instead, they created idols to worship.

When they started worshipping all kinds of idols, their minds became darkened and confused, and they began to sin with their bodies. As a result, their bodies gravitated towards doing vile and degrading things.

The sinful nature in the flesh came from Adam and Eve after they fell into sin. Thus, our flesh is subjected to the forces of darkness that are oppressing this world. So likewise, the spiritual forces of darkness constantly oppress our bodies, stirring up sinful nature.

It is also called the work of the flesh in the book of Galatians.

To throw away our sinful nature, we need to renew our thoughts or minds, influencing our attitudes.

The way of life is lived out of our soul. First, we think of what we want to do, then our mind decides with our will, and we activate the body to carry out our choices and put them into action.

Let the Word of God that comes into our spirits renew our thoughts and attitudes (the soul). When our minds are constantly renewed with the Word of God, they will readily reject thoughts of darkness and confusion. Thus, we also control our bodies with our minds and will. Therefore, let our spirits influence our souls.

Your spirit is who you are and has the nature of righteousness to do right and just, with a holy nature, to live holy.

You are God’s chosen children, holy and loved by the Heavenly Father. You have His compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

Now live it out; that’s the meaning of putting it on or clothing yourself on the outward, with what is in the inward. You cannot put on clothing that you don’t have. Nor can you be righteous and holy if you are not.

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