As we pray much with unknown tongues, God may begin to unfold a portion of His mystery for you.

As He unfolds the mystery in this season, within this mystery, another mystery will unfold for the future.
But if we do not pray to unfold this portion of the mystery in this season, the Lord will not reveal the next mystery.

Even though the Lord is unfolding a portion of His mystery now, you may still not fully understand why He is leading you in this direction. There is no other way for the Lord’s mystery to be unfolded to you except through praying with unknown tongues. To walk into the mystery that is unfolding and into the next, it takes more than just praying in unknown tongues.

God can see from ancient times things that have not yet happened. And He has told them. So, likewise, He can see into the future, and as He sees fit, He will tell or show us.

Then, why does the Lord not unfold all the mysteries of our lives at one go to us? Why doesn’t He unfold the next mystery now? It takes faith to walk into each mystery as it unfolds to the next.

We ought to live a life doing the Heavenly Father’s will.

Jesus knew Who sent Him. Jesus knew where He came from. Jesus knew His purpose in life on earth was to do the Father’s will.

We must only seek to do the Father’s will. And He will unfold the next mystery for us to go forward.

Have the humility that if you missed it in hearing from God or thought you heard from God and it did not turn out the way you expected it, then it is not God’s fault or other people’s fault.

Ask God to help you assess where you have misinterpreted what He said or thought what He might have said.

Do not abandon the Word taught that has helped you come this far in life.

The Holy Spirit will lead the humble to do God’s will – God’s will is right.

And He will teach them how to go about fulfilling His will – teaching us His ways.

If we blame God or blame His Word, saying, “Well, there is no use seeking God anyway because we still don’t get what we want.” Then this is exactly where the problem is, getting what you want instead of seeking what He wants.

The humble can receive God’s blessings. They will receive His favour, wisdom, and His blessings.

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