Ministering spirits are angels sent out to serve us who will inherit our place in heaven to be with the Lord one day.

How are angels sent out?

#1 We Pray and God Sends the Angels

• Daniel prayed, and angel Gabriel was sent.
• Abraham requested, and the Lord sent two angels to rescue Lot and his family.

Abraham told his chief servant the Lord would send an angel to help him find a woman to be Isaac’s wife. So his chief servant prayed, and an angel was sent.

#2 We Have Authority to Send Angels

As born again Christians, we are baptised into Christ and are in Him. We are also seated with Jesus at the right hand of the Father. Seated at the right hand of the Father is a position of spiritual authority. Angels and authorities, and powers are all subject or submitted to Jesus Christ.

Since we are seated with Christ, we have authority over angels, authorities, and demonic powers. We have authority over them because we are in Christ, and the Name of Jesus is for us to use. Therefore, when we use the Name of Jesus to command them, it is as if Jesus Himself personally commands them, and they will have to obey.

#3 Prophetic Words Will Send Angels
Prophetic Words are words spoken by the Holy Spirit in our spirit. Therefore, they are Holy Spirit inspired words.

Two ways prophetic words come:
• The Holy Spirit speaks in our spirit
• While praying with unknown tongues

More often, it comes while we are praying in unknown tongues.

Prophetic words are God speaking to us, and we are to give voice to His Word.

The Lord’s angels heed the voice of His word. Who gives voice to God’s words on earth? We do.

When we speak and give voice to God’s prophetic Word or inspired Word, angels will heed and go forth to do what His Word instructs.

#4 Third Kind of Unknown Tongues with Interpretation Will Send Angels

How did Paul speak tongues of angels? He spoke with the third kind of unknown tongues for men, angels, and the devil. The third kind of unknown tongue is for ministry; we term it Ministry Unknown Tongues.

The third kind of tongues can come into manifestation as the Holy Spirit wills. Angels receive the interpretation, and they are sent forth to serve or do things for us.

This way of sending angels operates primarily through the five-fold ministry office – apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher.

Angels at War with the Wicked Spirits in High Places

Daniel prayed from the time of King Darius to King Cyrus, and then the angel was prayed through to him.
Archangel Gabriel came with the message from God to Daniel, but he was blocked for twenty-one days until Archangel Michael came to help him. So there is still ongoing war in the high places between God’s angels and wicked spirits.

After delivering the message to Daniel, the angel said he had to return to help Archangel Michael fight the spirit of the prince of the kingdom of Persia.

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