Angels are ministering spirits. They are sent out to serve us who will inherit our place in heaven to be with the Lord one day.

Abraham requested the Lord, and He sent two angels to save Lot and his family.

Daniel prayed, and the angel came because of his word.

We cannot fear or pray and expect angels to be activated. We cannot speak God’s Word and doubt and expect angels to be activated. We have to be in faith and stay in faith while we expect and wait for the angels to protect or be sent forth.

God blessed Job, prospered him in everything he did and made him very rich. We also see that God’s blessings on Job were His unconditional grace.

God put a wall of protection around Job, his family and servants, and his property. God was protecting His investment in Job’s life.

As children of the Heavenly Father, how much more will He put a wall of protection around us, our family, and our properties. The Heavenly Father will continue to prosper us in everything we do and make us rich. Believe it is the Father who prospers us, and He will indeed protect His investment.

The Lord’s angels surround and defend those who worship Him.

We believe, therefore we confess what we believe.

When we travel overseas, confess His angels encamp and protect us and bring us safely to the other country. If we sense danger, use the authority we have in the Name of Jesus to command the devil to stop causing any harm to our children or us.

Always yield to the uneasiness or burden and pray in unknown tongues till it is gone. Do what is necessary to avoid any danger. Avoid any foolish acts.

God exposed Satan, who had already set his mind and decided to kill and destroy Job and all he had. Though Job had God’s wall of protection around him, his persistent fear opened the door and gave Satan a foothold in his life to destroy all that he had. However, God was able and did protect his life because he did not fear death.

Job lost his children, wealth, and health, the very things which he feared losing.

Deal with fear. Do not allow fear to fester in our lives. Instead, mix our faith in God with the things we fear.

How do we do that? If we fear losing something or our family members not being protected, then say, “Thank you, Father, for putting a wall of protection over my family member, or my…” Thank you, Father, for Your angels encamp and surround us. Your angels also go with us.

Similarly, use the authority we have in the Name of Jesus to bind every work of the devil and pray with unknown tongues. Then act wisely, not foolishly.

Build our faith in God from His Word to deal with fear.

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