When local churches get into corporate prayer, praying united prayers and in unknown tongues, angels who specifically work with the local church will be sent forth. They will be shields over the city or the nation to protect them.

Jacob obeyed his mother to leave the land of Canaan to go to his uncle in Haran. Esau, his brother, had wanted to kill him because Jacob had stolen Esau’s birthright. So Jacob left to avoid being killed. The land of Canaan was God’s plan for Jacob, not Haran.

Angels will receive messages and instructions from heaven to carry them out on earth. Angels affect many things in the natural realm on our behalf because we need angelic help to fulfil the plan of God for our lives.

Angels go back and forth from heaven for us individually. There are also hosts of angels over the local church.

God has a plan for the local church, just as He did for Jacob. Therefore, we need to know His plan, His purpose, and how He wants us to pursue them.

As a local church, the angels will help us with the natural things, and they will bring us to the place (spiritual and or natural) God has planned for us so that we can do what God has planned for us to do.

His angels will ascend and descend from heaven, carrying out His instructions in the natural to help us.

God has a plan for each one of us.

There are squadrons of angels who work only with the local church, meaning these squadrons of angels will do things for the local church corporately. However, since they only work with the local church, they will also, at the same time, work for each individual in the local church.

These squadrons of angels will work with the local church when they get into corporate prayer. Then, when the local church prays, they send the angels out to benefit their nation, their local church corporately, and individuals in the local church.

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