The key to overcoming any form of sickness is knowing that you are a spirit and have a mind and emotions. However, you are not the mind and emotions; you are a spirit with a soul.

Constantly tell yourself to take back your thought life.

Physical illness is an oppression of the devil manifested in the body.

Once you receive the doctor’s report, oppression of the mind begins.

Therefore physical illness is an oppression of the body and the mind.

Some people are oppressed in their minds because they always think they may have this or that sickness. They eventually verbalise their fears, and their bodies succumb to those sicknesses.

The oppression of the mind leads to fear, worry and anxiety.

The devil takes thoughts to oppress someone’s thinking. So the person started to think those thoughts and kept thinking about them, and it became oppressive. Those thoughts can come from just thinking of an issue; for example, someone is concerned about their job security, retirement, or family quarrels. It can come from an event or a tragic incident that happened to them, or they witnessed an incident. Thoughts can come from wrong teaching on Tribulation and judgement. It can even come because someone is so fearful of offending God.

All these thoughts can cause fear, worry, anxiety, unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment if we dwell on them. Always deal with it at the source or in the beginning. Learn not to accept it from your spirit. From your belly, where your spirit and the Holy Spirit are, say, “No.” One important key to dealing with mental oppression is that you are not the mind and emotions but a spirit with a mind and emotions.

We have to have the knowledge of God; therefore, constantly renew our spirit and mind with the Word of God. Oppression is spiritual in nature; it is an oppression of spiritual forces on people’s minds.

• Do Not Fear But Overcome Fear
• Do Not Fear What Man Can Do To You
• Do Not Yield to the Spirit of Fear
• Do Not Fear Death

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