As a house of prayer, everyone is to pray. For instance, pray against any disasters looming on the horizon of East Asia, South East Asia and China.

Paul’s disciples also knew trouble was waiting for him in Jerusalem, so it was not only the evangelist but also Luke and Silas, Paul’s companions. Prophet Agabus and other disciples (believers) also knew. So if there is a major crisis in this part of the world, we should know.

On Paul’s third missionary journey, Paul went to the province of Asia and was persecuted till he despaired of life. He felt death was coming upon him. It looked like he would not be able to survive this time.

When he arrived in Philippi, he wrote the book of 2 Corinthians to the churches in Greece and Corinth, telling them how he suffered in the province of Asia and despaired of their lives. Paul said it was through their prayers that he and his companions received the gift of grace for their deliverance.

Then Paul and his companions travelled down to Corinth.

Paul asked for prayer, and the Heavenly Father had the Holy Ghost bear witness with him and used others to warn him. However, Paul ignored all the Holy Ghost’s warnings. He could have avoided shipwreck and the two years of imprisonment if he had only heeded the Holy Ghost.

Let us see what made him disregard the Holy Spirit.

Paul was planning to go to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of Pentecost. Paul left Antioch (his home base) for his third missionary journey, but he did not plan to go back to Antioch. Instead, he proceeded to sail to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of Pentecost there.

Secondly, Paul asked for prayer that the Jews in Jerusalem would accept his ministry, service and the offerings he was bringing back to them.

Then Paul travelled by land from Corinth to Philippi and sailed to Miletus in his returning journey.

Paul Determined to Go to Jerusalem and Ignored the Holy Ghost

Paul’s spirit was compelled by the conviction of his soul (mind, will, emotions). So when he determined to go to Jerusalem for the feast, as it was their religious culture, his mind and will convicted his spirit, compelling him to go. So it was not the Holy Ghost who convicted him of going because God would not lead Paul to Jerusalem to be persecuted, arrested, shipwrecked and imprisoned.

From Miletus, Paul sailed to Tyre, Ptolemais, and Caesarea. The Holy Ghost had three groups of people warn Paul in Tyre and Caesarea.

In Jerusalem, Paul and his companions were arrested and put on a ship bound for Rome. Unfortunately, the ship drifted dangerously in a severe storm for fourteen days at sea during the journey, and they despaired of their lives. Then Paul was imprisoned in Rome for two years.

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