Before God breathed into man’s nostrils, he did not exist. He was not in heaven and then came to earth. God, the Spirit, breathed into the nostrils of man a spirit. With the spirit came the soul, so man became a living soul. Man is a spirit, and he expresses himself through his soul (mind, will, and emotions), and living in his body, he contacts the physical world.

Similarly, God breathed a spirit into the woman’s body to create her. When God created the spirit, soul, and body of man and woman, they were perfect. The environment was perfect, their bodies were perfect (brains were perfect) without a sinful nature, and their spirit and soul were perfect without any taint of sin.

When they eat from the forbidden tree, they will die spiritually. In dying spiritually, man will die physically.

What does dying spiritually mean? It means separation from God. When God created Adam and Eve, they had communion and communication with God. The power of God flowed through them to take dominion over the sky and earth. They were not separated from the presence of God. They were spiritually alive to God before they sinned.

Satan then deceived Eve into eating from that tree, and she gave Adam the fruit to eat. God’s instruction to them was not to eat. However, when they listened to Satan and ate, they disobeyed God and committed the act of sin.

When they sinned against God, the power of sin separated them from God. They entered into a state of spiritual death. Spiritual death is separation from God. They did not have God’s power to take dominion over the earth from then on. Instead, the power of Satan came over and covered the sky and the whole earth. Since then, the sky and the earth have been cursed by Satan. When the earth is cursed, humankind has to toil for a living. Their mind, body, and spirit are subjected to the devil’s oppression. Satan is the power of sin; the power of sin is Satan.

Like Adam and Eve, every child’s spirit and soul are created by God the Father. Until today, every child conceived in the mother’s womb, their body comes from the human father.

God in heaven breathes the spirit and soul into the mother’s womb; it does not matter which family. The child’s spirit and soul are perfect, not separated from God by the power of sin, because there is no sin in the spirit and soul of a child.

As every child begins to grow and come to the point of knowing right from wrong, they will all sin. The act of sinning will allow the power of Satan or sin to separate them from God. Everyone would have sinned, and Satan’s power separates them from God. When they die, they cannot go to heaven.

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