The Heavenly Father loves us, and He calls us His children. He does not call us His servants. To demonstrate He truly loves us, He called us His children. There is no closer relationship between the Heavenly Father and us than the relationship between the Father and His children. God is the infinite and almighty God. He is far superior to mankind, yet He would call us His children – He desires to have the personal and intimate relationship of the Father and children with us.

Jesus was God when He came to earth and God when He returned to be seated at Father’s right hand.

Jesus also loves us as the Heavenly Father loves us.

Their love for us is unconditional, unlimited, unearned, and infinite. There is nothing the Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus would not do for us, only if we let them. We must have faith and believe, and He will dispense His mercy and grace to us.

The love Jesus has for us is sacrificial. It was the Father’s will for Jesus to sacrifice Himself, but the Father did not force Jesus to sacrifice Himself.

Jesus demonstrated the love of the Father, which is sacrificial. Therefore, Jesus had to make a free-will decision to sacrifice Himself.

God is love, and compassion is an ingredient of His love. Jesus came to earth to reveal the Heavenly Father to us.
Jesus’ compassion moved Him to heal the sick.

Jesus’ love and compassion will feed us, and we will not die of hunger. Instead, He will provide us with jobs to feed us.

Jesus sent out the seventy, two by two, and gave them the power and authority over sickness and demons. Snakes and scorpions are symbolic of demons and evil spirits. They had the power and the authority of Jesus, and no demonic power could harm them.

Likewise, Jesus has given us His power and authority, so no demonic power can hurt us when we lay hands on the sick and bind these demonic powers.

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