The foundation of the Word of Faith and Grace message is that His Word is absolute. It is also the foundation of our prayers. When this fundamental is rooted in our hearts, we will grow spiritually. And we get answers to our prayers.

What is the fundamental nature of the Heavenly Father that does not change and must sink into our spirits and minds?

The foundation of the revival of the Word of Faith emphasises God’s absolute Word. That is, God said it, and that settles it. We can either receive or reject it. When God speaks, faith comes, and if we believe it, it will come to pass. There is no if about it. If it doesn’t, it is either we do not believe what was spoken, or doubt and unbelief crept in and moved us from the stand of faith into doubt and unbelief.

Our prayers and hearing from God must be based on His Word. We judge everything we hear, see and know based on the Word of God.

We must not accept any revelation directly or from an apostle, prophet, pastor, or preacher if it is against God’s Word.

If God has spoken, we believe it. Then we must not allow circumstances to change our beliefs.

The only question we ask is, did God speak? First, we need to ascertain whether God spoke.

The Word of Faith is about the Word of God, and we must not change what He says. What He says is absolutely true and will come to pass.

Two Important Points Regarding God’s Word:

Once it is written in the Word of God, do not accept anything that goes against the written Word. For example, do not accept any prophecy with a revelation that violates God’s written Word. Do not insist what you heard is from the Lord when it is against His written Word.

Once God has spoken, do not insist on wanting something against what He has spoken. Instead, hold on like a bulldog and not let go of what He said.

For every prayer to be answered, it must be prayed it in the Spirit or by the Holy Spirit.

When our prayers are not prayed in the Spirit or the Holy Spirit or by the Holy Spirit, we will not have answers to our prayers.

We are to pray all kinds of prayer and supplicate in the Spirit. In other words, all kinds of prayer must be prayed in the Spirit (Holy Spirit) to be effective.

“Help” means “to take hold together with against.” In prayer, the Holy Spirit takes hold of our spirit together against the demonic powers and the situation. Tremendous power is released then against the situation.

There is nothing wrong with our prayers if we are correctly taught how to pray, know the rules governing each kind of prayer, and pray in the Spirit.

To get answers to our prayers:
– Conform to His Word
– Pray in the Spirit or by the Holy Spirit

As you pray much, you can distinguish whether you are praying in the Spirit. You will sense it is the Holy Spirit and have His unction or anointing to pray.
There is no other way to learn except to pray and pray much.

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