Paul wrote the Ephesians prayers for Christians who do not see certain Bible truths. Therefore, pray for pastors and their churches. It is necessary to stay with these prayers more often for them.

One of the purposes of a praying Church is to bear the infirmities of the weak.

Paul wrote that we bear one another’s burdens. In prayer, we bear one another’s burdens, not bearing them in our minds and emotions.

When we do so, we lift their burdens to God for Him to undertake. We cannot bear them ourselves, or they will wear us down, drain us emotionally and mentally, and oppress us.

To “bear” means to lift with the idea of removing. Prayer is one way we can lift to remove the burdens people carry.

We can help fellow believers or preachers run their race better by helping to lift these burdens through prayer—especially the inner spiritual weight.

The prayer of others releases the power of the Holy Spirit, helping to lift and remove those inner spiritual weights.

People can only finish running the race if these weights are removed. This spiritual weight Paul talks about will increase over time. So, they need to be removed as early as possible.

Prayer helps those affected, but they have to remove those spiritual weights that weigh them down and hinder them. Weights are not sins but hinder someone from finishing the race. They could be hurt, bitterness, unforgiveness, resentment, etc.

We also pray the prayer of deliverance. This prayer is for people to be healed and free from bondages, oppression, depression, and nervous breakdown.

There is also the prayer of supplication or intercession, the prayer of agreement, and others.

We also pray in unknown tongues and supplication for Christians.

However, the laws that govern the operation of the prayer of faith do not govern the operation of the prayer of supplication or intercession.

Therefore, if we can pray the prayer of faith for everything, there is no need for other kinds of prayer. But the Bible teaches us about the prayer of supplication, prayer of agreement, and others.

Then how do we pray for others when the prayer of faith will most of the time not get the answers for them? So we pray in unknown tongues and supplication for the Christians.

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