The Holy Spirit is God and a Person with a personality.

When Jesus was on earth as the Son of man, He ministered as the Son of man. He had to be anointed by the Holy Ghost and His power. It is because He laid aside all His glory and power.

Jesus started His earthly ministry after He was anointed. For the first thirty years of His life, He was not doing any ministry and was not anointed by the Holy Spirit for ministry.

Today, as the sons of men, we are like Jesus, needing to be anointed by the Holy Spirit and His power.

The Holy Ghost came upon Jesus to anoint Him for ministry. Likewise, the Holy Spirit comes upon us to pray and do the work of the ministry.

The Holy Ghost anointed Jesus:
a. To preach and teach the Gospel
b. To restore the soul (heal the brokenhearted)
c. To proclaim deliverance to the captives (those in bondage)
d. To heal the blind and other diseases
e. To deliver those under oppression

These are the works of the Holy Spirit and His power. It was God the Holy Spirit Who anointed Jesus to do the work. He anoints us to do His work and pray and follow His leading. Apart from Him, we can do nothing.

As we revere the Holy Ghost, He will move on our behalf, and all our needs will be met.

We need Him because we live in a world with unseen forces of evil constantly at work, not for us.

One hundred and twenty disciples of Jesus were all baptised with the Holy Spirit in the upper room in Acts 2. Then in another place, Peter preached the Gospel of salvation and the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Three thousand people were saved and baptised with the Holy Spirit.

The new believers continued steadfastly in four fundamental areas:
a. In the apostles’ doctrine
b. In fellowship
c. In partaking of Holy Communion
d. In prayers

These are the four fundamentals of the local church. After they received salvation, they continued to come together as the local body of Christ to participate in these fundamentals, which are very important for our spiritual and natural life.

The Holy Spirit was present to anoint the apostles and believers to continue in these four fundamentals.

Whenever we meet, the corporate anointing is far greater than the individual anointing at home. Greater anointing means greater power of the Holy Ghost to accomplish greater things for the nation and us.

Why do we need the greater anointing or power? It is needed to accomplish greater things that cannot be accomplished by the power upon us alone. This is why we all need to belong to and submit to a body of Christ (the local church).

There was such a powerful move of the Holy Spirit at that time, also because there was a great reverence for the Holy Ghost.

We ought to reverence the Holy Spirit to honour Him, Who dispenses His power in His manifestation.

Where greater is the reverence of the Holy Ghost, there will be greater miracles, signs and wonders, which are all works of the power of the Holy Ghost.

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