There are three kinds of unknown tongues in the Bible.

The first kind of unknown tongue is for speaking to God.

It is what I call Personal Unknown Tongues. Since being baptised with the Holy Ghost, we receive this gift and possess it to be used anytime to speak to God.

The second kind is unknown tongues for speaking to man or woman. It is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit given to someone to speak to another person. It is God speaking to another person through this unknown tongue, and the other person will receive the manifestation of the interpretation of tongues. When that person receives the interpretation, they will understand what the unknown tongue is saying to them.

The third kind of unknown tongue is the ministry tongue. It can be spoken to someone, angels, or demons. In this instance, the other person, holy angel, or demon will receive the manifestation of interpretation to understand the instructions given in unknown tongues.

Personal unknown tongues are for speaking to God. Therefore this gift is for every believer.

The new tongues spoken in the Name of Jesus must be in unknown tongues. It is a new tongue given to believers after Jesus’ ascension, which had never been given before.

Speaking in unknown tongues is for all those who believe.

There is no other way to pray out the mysteries with God that have been withheld for us and not against us.

Mysteries concerning our destinies and future are not a mystery to the Heavenly Father because He can see into the future.

In this verse context, the mysteries are associated with speaking in tongues to God.

The Heavenly Father has a destiny for each of us, and He desires His plan, and His will be fulfilled in our lives on earth.

Whatever the Heavenly Father wants to do on earth, He needs someone to pray here.

God can see all things, but He wants us to speak [pray] to Him about these mysteries from the earth.

The word “mysteries” is not mysteries withheld, but mysteries unfolded through speaking to God in unknown tongues – the original Greek definition of “mysteries”.

Why does it only have to be spoken to God with unknown tongues? Because these are mysteries that we do not see and know exist.

The only instrument we can use is unknown tongues to speak to God about the mysteries unknown to us.

Interestingly, these mysteries are not to be withheld from us but to be unfolded with the prayer of unknown tongues. Yet it can only be prayed and unfolded at an appointed time. Part of the mystery could have unfolded ten years ago. However, the full unfolding of a mystery will be at an appointed time.

Another thing about this mystery is that it cannot be searched out or understood with natural abilities. It unfolds through divine revelation. For this reason, someone has to pray with unknown tongues to unfold these mysteries.

Effective prayers are prayed in the spirit. Praying the will of God, and not mixing with our own will, is to pray in unknown tongues.

Praying in unknown tongues is praying or speaking to God in the spirit.

That means the Holy Ghost’s anointing or power will come upon us, and He will give us the utterances in our spirit to speak the unknown tongues to God.

And the power of the Holy Ghost will also flow from Him through our spirit, releasing tremendous power in the realm of the spirit.

The flow of His power gets stronger and stronger, flowing like a river out of our spirit in the realm of the spirit.

We will sense there is a flow like a river. When we go with the flow, we are flowing with the Holy Ghost. He is carrying us in prayer like we are being carried in a strong, swift, or slow-flowing river.

When we flow with the Holy Ghost, we are flowing with His power and the direction of His flow. The direction of His flow is where He wants our prayer to go. In other words, where and what He wants us to pray. When that happens, the power of the Holy Ghost is released for that person, place, situation, event, etc.

When our prayer flows with the Holy Ghost like a river, we are praying in the spirit and will of God.

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