There are three kinds of giving:

a) We give because the Word of God teaches us to give. One day we will reap.
b) The second kind of giving is when the Holy Spirit speaks to us to give. This will benefit the other person immediately or soon after.
c) The third is when ‘When you’re open to give, God is able to lead you.” This kind will benefit us immediately. If we’re not open, God cannot lead us, and we will not benefit. It is not so much for the other person.

The principle of giving and receiving is very powerful; it is God’s principle. He created it to govern the earth.

Therefore, cultivate this mentality of giving, and we will receive. If not, we will tend to hoard things for ourselves. Life will be miserable if we live for ourselves and nobody else.

Sowing [giving] bountifully will also reap bountifully [receive]. Sow [give] sparingly will reap [receive] sparingly. Sow [give] nothing will also reap [receive] nothing.

Giving and receiving is a universal principle that governs the earth spiritually and naturally.

Givers are easy receivers. We give because it is a universal, spiritual principle originating from God.

When we’ve been taught to give, and God the Holy Spirit specifically speaks to us, we have faith to give. Faith comes by hearing the spoken Word of God.

As our spirits receive the Word from the Lord to give, our spirit of faith is strengthened because the spoken Word goes into our spirit.

Our spirit activates our mind, and our mind influences our will to obey Him by making a decision to give. Our mind will be renewed and reinforces our will because we’re walking by faith, doing the work of faith, and walking in the obedience of faith. This is how we keep ourselves from being depressed by thoughts sown into our minds by the devil. People who are always giving are givers and are not depressed. There is a joy of the Lord that comes through giving. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

Then our mind and will, will be more yielded to the Holy Ghost. And our mind and will, will be more yielded to Him to receive friendship, love, and anything else from others. We will also be more yielded to receive instructions and directions from the Holy Ghost. We will be more yielded to receive counsel from others.

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