Many Macedonian churches excelled in giving. They went through severe suffering and extreme poverty. However, they were filled with an abundance of joy which overflowed with rich generosity. That means they were full of joy, overflowing into their rich, generous giving; they gave generously with abundant joy. All because of the abundance of grace God had given to them.

By faith, they accessed God’s grace and the abundance of grace to give generously. As a result, joy flowed into their giving.

God gave them the abundance of grace that enabled them to give according to their ability and also supplied them to give beyond.

The Macedonian churches were so eager to give. Hence, God could give them the grace to give beyond their ability.

The Macedonian churches gave themselves to the Lord to serve Him and gave to Paul and his companions to help them in their missionary journeys. They gave beyond their ability to help the Jerusalem church in severe famine.

The Macedonian churches were so giving that they overflowed with abundant joy.

The abundance of joy comes from the Holy Ghost that dwelt in them. It was a supernatural divine joy inspired by the Lord.

Peter writes from Rome to some of the cities in Rome, to the believers who suffered persecution, encouraging them to endure trials and testings of life; he also talks about rejoicing in the joy from the Lord. Peter described the supernatural divine kind of joy that is inexpressible. The only way to express this joy is through laughter.

Peter also described the joy that is full of glory. That means full of power.

It was the glory of the Holy Ghost that raised Jesus.

The glory of the Father is the power of the Holy Ghost that raised Jesus from the dead.

When we are filled with joy, full of glory, it means the supernatural divine joy from the Holy Ghost is full of power.

Release your joy through laughter because it is full of the power of the Holy Ghost, and it will set you free from any depression.

David went through many troubles. King Saul persecuted him, and his son, Absalom, wanted to kill him. He ran from these two for many years and experienced much sorrow.

But David encouraged himself by focusing on the Lord saying:

a. The Lord is always with him
b. He would not be shaken going through all the troubles because the Lord was beside him
c. Amid trouble, David shouted praises, magnifying the Lord
d. He rested because there was hope in the Lord, and God would not forsake him
e. There was always a way
f. He got into the presence of God and was filled with joy; he knew where to find joy

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