Many do not know God, so they get their hope from natural circumstances or what is around them. However, if you get your hope from God, it will not disappoint. God does not fail, and He will not disappoint us. The only reason the hope of God is hopeless to us is if we do not believe, do not look to Him, instead relying on our ability, doing it our way and not seeking His way.

If we look to Him, wait on Him, and seek Him, knowing that He has a way where there is no way, there is hope in God. He will not disappoint. Most importantly, we must be open to the Lord to lead us anywhere, anytime, doing anything. We must be open to adapting to changes.

Paul was going through hell, and the Lord Jesus told him, “My grace is sufficient for you.” Paul responded, “When I am weak, then I am strong,” because by the grace of God, the Holy Spirit would strengthen him to go through his situation.

God’s hope must be Jesus-centred and can only come from Him.

God the Father is the greatest of all. So all His promises are binding. He bound Himself to fulfil those promises He made.

How did God the Father bind Himself to the promises to us? He sent Jesus to die and establish His blood covenant with us, and we have entered into this covenant with the Father with Jesus’ blood.

The blood covenant of Jesus is God the Father’s oath to us. His promises will be fulfilled, and He will not change because of the covenant.

Why are the Heavenly Father’s promises sure and will be fulfilled?

Because God the Father swears by two unchangeables and is bound by them:
1. His promises are His Word, and they do not change
2. He swears by the blood covenant of Jesus

Hence, there is hope from God and in God the Father.

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