The Heavenly Father swears by His promises and the blood covenant that anything He promised will not change. What He promised in His Word gives us hope because His promises do not change, and He swears by His Word and the blood covenant of Jesus. The Word is God, and the Word is Jesus, and they do not change. So when He gives us His Word, He swears it will be fulfilled.

So we have hope from His promises, and God’s kind of hope is the anchor for our souls. From His promises, He gives us hope and a future, and they anchor our minds, emotions and will.

The hope of God comes from His Word or promises, and it will give us general direction to seek further directions from Him. Hence, His hope leads us in a general direction, and as we seek Him, He will lead us more specifically.

Hope without faith is just wishful thinking. When we get our hope from God, He will give us faith to realise hope. That means the hope of God will become a reality in our lives.

When we get hope from God’s Word, we will also have faith because faith comes from hearing and hearing God’s spoken Word.

Faith that comes from hearing from the Word of God is our assurance, trust, and confidence that something we look forward to will happen.

Hope is in the future, and faith is now. When you hear God’s spoken Word, you have faith. Now you must believe what the Lord is speaking to you. You cannot wait for it to happen, then believe.

Hope means looking forward to something happening and expecting. Since the Lord is our Great Physician, we look forward to our complete healing and expect to return to everyday life again.

While we journey in life, we wait for what we hope for with perseverance because it will not be easy.

As we walk by faith in His plan, we access His grace that enables us to continue our journey according to His plan for the future and hope.

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