Now that we have hope and we have faith, what are we going to do next? We are to pray with unknown tongues to wait and to seek Him for the Heavenly Father to reveal His plan to us.

Since the Heavenly Father has a plan, why doesn’t He reveal His plan to us, and why must we pray? Can He not just reveal His plan and what He wants to do in our lives and through His church without prayer? If He could, there is no need to pray, and prayer should not be a subject in the Bible.

John Wesley, who founded the Wesley Methodist Church in England, once said, “It seems like God can do nothing for mankind unless someone asks Him …”

Why must we pray that God may do what He desires for us?

We have to pray because God is not in control of the earth. He is only if we give Him control over our lives and all we are involved in. Satan is ruling the earth through mankind.

This authority to rule over all the kingdoms of the world is in Satan’s hands. So there is a natural government, and Satan has authority over the government to control them. The spiritual authority is taking dominion over the natural authority.

God has no dominion or authority to rule over the Kingdom of the earth. Satan has, and he is making a mess of the earth. Satan created all the havoc, disasters, killing, wars, drugs and all illicit activities on this earth.

When we pray, we give our authority to God to move and do what He desires in our domain of influence.

God can see the future, but we cannot. The future is a mystery. Therefore, God’s plan for us is also a mystery. He does not completely reveal His plan to us.

We pray with unknown tongues because of the mysteries of life.

Praying in unknown tongues is praying by the power of the Holy Spirit, praying in the Spirit, and praying by the Holy Spirit.

The Heavenly Father plans to give us a future and hope. We have to pray with unknown tongues to pray out a new phase in our lives.

The schemes, Strategies, and deceptions of Satan are another reason why we pray because these are all unseen in the spirit realm.

Jesus said to pray and not give up. There are two things we learn from Jesus’ parable here:

a.  Pray and do not give up because the Heavenly Father will see that we get what we pray for. Of course, we cannot pray against the Word of God.
b.  Is their faith on earth when we pray? Without faith, we will not have answers to our prayers.

So we have to have faith to begin our prayers and stay in faith as we wait for the answer. We wait with perseverance because the Heavenly Father will surely answer our prayers.

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