God sees into the future. From the beginning, He sees the end, and in ancient days He told us things before they happened.

As the Father and Jesus see into the future, He tells us what He plans and does. Whatever the Father plans, it will be fulfilled. Whatever the Father wants to do, He will do it.

Jesus sees into the future, and He knows and believes the Father’s plan will happen, and what the Father wants to do will be done. And because it is in the future and has not happened yet, the Father and Jesus believe they will. right now, he sees them happening and believes they will take place in the future on this earth.

Jesus sees and believes.

The Father has a plan for our lives. He sees and plans, and the Father and Jesus believe they will be fulfilled.

He never plans to fail. His plan will always succeed. The Scripture tells us when He plans something, it happens.

In His plan:
There is a place for it to happen.
There are people whom the Father uses to make His plan happen.
There are timings for His plan to happen.
The things He plans to do, He will do it.

The Father and Jesus have a plan for us. As we pray in the Spirit by the Holy Ghost, Jesus unfolds His plan.

As we pray, we hear from the Father. We are hearing what He is seeing, and we must believe.

We hear, and we believe. Though we do not see what Jesus sees, we must believe.

Then there is unity between Jesus in heaven and us on earth. This way, we walk in one mind and purpose with the Lord Jesus, and there is unity between heaven and earth.

When heaven and earth are in unison, there is nothing impossible for the Heavenly Father to do for us.

Jesus said that when we say this mountain be removed and thrown into the sea, it will. Therefore, if we make a decision with our mind and will to believe what we say, we will have what we say.

Jesus did not say we will have what we believe but what we say.

In other words, if we believe and cannot say it, then we are not really believing. The real test is in what we say. If we believe something, we can say it. If we cannot say it, then we don’t believe it. We may think that we believe.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the spoken Word of Christ.

Faith comes into our spirit when we hear the spoken Word.

Believes is a verb. The spoken Word in our spirit will come up to our mind. And our mind will influence us will to make a decision to believe.

There is real faith in our spirit when we can say what we believe.

If we say something, and we can sense it is not in our spirit, then we do not have faith in our belief.

Therefore, if we say something and do not sense it in our spirit, we are only being presumptuous. Then what we say we believe will not happen.

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