When we are in the will of the Father and believe His Word and our lives are submitted to Him by obeying His Word, there will be angels ascending and descending from heaven to earth for us.

These angels will receive messages and instructions from heaven to carry them out on earth. Angels affect many things in the natural realm on our behalf.

They will effect changes in the natural world according to our faith in God’s Word to meet our needs.

They could be bringing messages and instructions to us.

Jesus saw Nathaniel before he came to Him. Jesus said that Nathaniel would see greater things if he could believe what Jesus saw and His words. Jesus saw Nathaniel would become His disciple, but he was not among the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

As we fulfil God’s plan, the angels will help because they are here to fulfil God’s plan on earth.

The Father’s plan needs to be fulfilled by men and women on earth, which the angels could not. But they help us to fulfil the Father’s plan.
Jacob heard the Lord speak to him in his dream, saying He would keep him and bring him back to the land of promise.

How did the Lord keep watch over and care for Jacob? By His angels.

God would keep him spiritually and naturally.

We must be in the plan of God spiritually and naturally. Spiritually means being in a local church the Heavenly Father designated for you.

Jacob was in the plan of God. He ran to Haran to avoid Esau, his brother who tried to kill him. God’s plan was for Jesus to come from the descendants of Jacob. At this time, Jacob was not even married.

God’s plan and will are revealed to us through His spoken Word. We need to adhere to His spoken Word.

The Lord will renew our vitality because we adhere to His plan to fulfil it.

When our way is His way or in His plan, He will keep us in it to fulfil what He has spoken that He will do.

Many good things are brought to us by angels to meet our needs and wants. The good things are our inheritance on earth because God created them for His children.

Angels are stronger than us, but they do not know all things. They are limited by what they were created to do. For example, angels on special assignments are sent forth through the prayers of the local church. These angels are not sent if the local church does not pray corporately.

When we speak God’s Word and what the Holy Spirit is putting in our hearts to say, we are giving voice to God’s Word on earth.

The Father’s Word may come through our prayers. In prayer, as we receive a word from the Holy Spirit, we speak that Word, giving voice to that Word. We are the Father’s voice on the earth.

The Father’s Word released from our mouths commissions angels to go forth.

When the Lord Jesus speaks to us, we believe and say or do what He says. We will commission the angels. Doing according to the Father’s Word is putting His Word into action; it will commission angels.

We need the angelic ministry because they can go where we cannot go and do what we cannot.

The more we walk in the anointing of God, the more we obey God; there’ll be more that the angels can do for us. They can do all kinds of things we cannot do ourselves.

God’s Word is always the authority concerning angels and their ministry.

We must agree with God’s Word and His Spirit. The truth of God’s Word is of utmost importance. If preachers preach against God’s Word, they disagree with God.

If we do not agree with God’s Word, then in a sense, we are not walking with God.

We disagree with God if we do not follow the Holy Spirit’s leading.

Angels heed the voice of God’s Word; they will walk in agreement with God. And they will not walk in agreement with our flesh, disobedience, rebellion, or anything that contradicts God’s Word (God’s will).

We are to heed and obey the Word of God that comes through the angels.

When we do not, we rebel against the angels and God the Father. Then, we are provoking the angels.

As we obey the Word from the angels, we obey the Father’s Word, and He will send His angels to lead us into our inheritance, our destiny. The place on earth the Father has prepared for us is our inheritance. The angels will do three things to bring us into the place of our inheritance:

1. They will keep us along the way.
2. They will guard us.
3. They will bring us to the place of our inheritance.

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