Jesus died and rose again. He defeated Satan, who no longer has power and dominion over us.

To deal with mental illness, we have to understand two truths:

a) Satan has no dominion over us

b) Have the doctrine of the Believer’s Authority abiding in our minds

Satan Has No Dominion Over Us

Death and the power of sin refer to Satan. Satan is the angel of death and the spiritual force that brings about sin and death.

Jesus broke the power of death and the power of sin. Therefore, death has no power over us because it has no power over Jesus. The power of sin also has no power over us because Jesus broke the power of sin.

Scriptures tell us that Satan, the power of death and sin, has no dominion or power over us.

Death has no power over Jesus, and we have the name of Jesus. Jesus is in His Name. Jesus has all authority over heaven and earth. He has authority over sin and death. We have Jesus’ authority in His name. Since death has no dominion over Jesus, death has no dominion over us.

Since death has no power over us, the Lord said that He will satisfy us with long life. Even if someone is sick with a terminal disease, he must not think he will die but instead decide to live long, have hands laid on in Jesus ‘ name, and get medical help. We must avoid the mindset that we will die if afflicted with terminal disease. Medical science can help prolong our lives.

The law of sin and death is the Satanic force or influence that drives, urges, and forces us to do something that will lead to death.

Between sin and death are sicknesses, diseases, and poverty, including physical and mental illnesses that will lead to physical death. These are oppressions of the devil, but Jesus has broken the power of Satan, the force of oppression. So, they no longer have dominion over us.

Let the Doctrine of the Believer’s Authority Abide in Our Minds

When the truth regarding our authority over all Satanic power abides in our spirit and mind, we demand that the spirit of sin, sickness, mental illness, poverty, and death leave. They will have to leave.

We must renew our minds with the truth of the believer’s authority. Know that we have authority over all the oppressions of the devil. This truth must abide in our spirit and mind for us to use our authority effectively to deal with mental illness before the oppression gets severe.

Do Not Fret, Be Anxious or Worry

People can be under so much pressure that they lose it. We don’t have to get into that position if we know our authority as believers.

How do we get rid of pressure and anxiety?

The Word of God tells us there is something we do in Philippians 4:6.

In everything, by prayer and supplication, let our requests be made known to God.

Whatever we’re tempted to fret about and worry about, start praying about it. Pray the prayer of faith (asking the Father to help), pray in unknown tongues and supplication (pleading).

Problems may arise in life, but we don’t have to let them dominate us! They may exist, but they’re not to dominate us. We’re to rule over them. We’re to dominate them.

We can pray the prayer of faith by asking the Father for mercy and grace to help us, and He will help. We pray in unknown tongues and with supplication. Supplication prayer is pleading in prayer. We plead in unknown tongues.

After praying, we thank the Father that we have what we prayed for and will come out of any situation.

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