Satan has no dominion over us because Jesus broke the power of death. It has no power over Jesus. Hence, it has no power over us.

When Jesus died and rose again, He broke the power of sin, and sin has no dominion over us because we are in Christ Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit is in us.

The law of the Spirit of life is the power of the Holy Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead. It broke the power of death and sin.

The law of the Spirit of life is the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells in my spirit and is greater than Satan, the power of sin and death. The power of sin and death have no power and dominion over me.

Jesus Preached the Word for Deliverance

Jesus was anointed to preach the Gospel. Jesus preached, and those who were captives or imprisoned were delivered.

Those held mentally captive by the devil were delivered through the preaching of God’s Word. Likewise, the mentally oppressed will be freed by the preaching of the Word.

Attending church and listening to God’s Word being taught and preached will keep us mentally sound and healthy. The authority and power of God’s Word are constantly setting our minds free from oppression, and our minds will remain sound.

There Is Authority and Power In God’s Word

Jesus’ teaching has power, which means His Word has the power of the Holy Ghost because He was anointed with power as the Son of man.

Therefore, as sons of man, we are anointed by the Holy Ghost to preach His Word. His anointed Word has power.

The Word taught or preached has authority over the demonic spirits and has the power to drive them from our minds.

Through the teaching of God’s Word:

a. We know and understand sin, sickness, poverty, and death have no dominion over us because Jesus broke their power and dominion.

b. Our minds will be renewed with the truth, and the Word will abide in our spirits and minds.

c. We will be effective, certain, sure, and powerful in using our authority against all Satanic forces that try to force us to do what the devil wants us to do.

d. Hearing the Word of God will set us free from every oppression and keep our minds sound. And we will not lose our minds to the devil.

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