Faith is the substance of things hope for. We can hold fast to the confession of our faithand hope without wavering. For the Father who promised is faithful to fulfil what He promised.

We acknowledge by giving thanks that the Heavenly Father is good. He rewards those who diligently seek Him.

We say the same thing as what the Heavenly Father says. He says I am blessed, and I say I am blessed.

What is Confession?

a. Firstly, I declare what I believe to be true.

b. Secondly, it gives evidence of what we know in our spirit. What we say is the evidence of what we believe or have in our spirit.

c. Thirdly, it’s testifying to the truth that we’ve accepted. How do we know we have accepted the truth? Confession.

Why Do We Need to Hold Fast Our Confession of Faith?

1, Spiritual truth can slip from the hands of our spirit if we don’t learn how to hold fast and hold fast to it.
2. The Law of Confession is a way to guard our mind and spirit against false or half-truth doctrines.
3. A way of renewing our mind.
4. After the Heavenly Father speaks to us, faith comes into our spirit, and we make a decision to believe that it will be fulfilled.
5. The devil and circumstances of life will bombard our minds with thoughts that will contradict what we heard from the Father.
6. If we do not hold fast to the confession of our faith, these thoughts will try to shake our faith and abandon our belief.
7. As we confess what the Heavenly Father has spoken to us, it constantly renews our minds because the battleground is in the mind.
8. Govern our lives with God’s Word. So that we will observe to do it, have good success, and be prosperous in whatever we do.
9. Some people would “school themselves into faith” by holding fast to their confession.

What you are Is the product of …
One of the spiritual laws many have never realised is “Our Confession Rules Us.”

What you are is the product of……

1. What you THINK

2. What you BELIEVE

3. What you SPEAK

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