The Word was God in the beginning; the Word is still God.
God is love; the Word is God. Therefore, the Word is love also.

We will find that the Bible never tells us love is an emotion. God is love, but God is not emotional. Instead, we will find that the Heavenly Father expresses His love through actions. Since love is expressed through action, the Father’s love is a decision, not a feeling.

Love Gives

Love is action, not an emotion that feels good for a moment.
Regardless of what the world is like after He created it, He loved the world, and He gave.
God loved the world that He perfectly created, and after Adam and Eve handed it to Satan and became what it is today, God still loved the world. He gave His Son to save the people in the world.
The first thing about the Father’s love is to give. He loves, He gave, and He will continue to give.

Love Cares

Cast all your worries and anxieties to the Father because He cares for you.
Love is an action; He loves, therefore He cares.
The Father cares; He will comfort us when we need comfort.
The Father cares; He will counsel us directly or through the pastor He ordained in the local church.
The Father cares; He will help us.
The Father cares; He will take hold together with us to intercede or supplicate when we pray. We need the Holy Spirit to take hold of our spirit to pray through in many situations.
The Father cares; He is our advocate. He has the Holy Spirit to argue our case before Him.
The Father cares; He is our strengthener. Sometimes, we need His supernatural strength to infuse our spirit when we go through a crisis. Others will see that we are sailing through the storm.
The Father cares; He is always our standby. When we know we cannot go through it, He gives us a push and a boost, and we will just go over and come out on the other side.

Love Provides

God is love, and love will provide for His very own. There are two ways the Heavenly Father provides for us: God’s provision, the lower and the higher dimension.

The Heavenly Father will feed us, and we should not go hungry. If we believe in the sight of the Father, we are more valuable than the birds.

The ravens are black birds that do not sow but reap because God feeds them.

This is the higher dimension of giving. The Heavenly Father of our Lord Jesus Christ will give us beyond what we need, and we will also have what we want.

We cannot never out-give God. The Heavenly Father will always give us what we need and more.

This higher dimension of giving comes under the spiritual law of giving and receiving or sowing and reaping.

Love Is Not A Feeling

Love is not a feeling, then what is love? The Amplified version of the Bible gives us a more detailed definition of the Father’s love.

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