There are many issues in life; we have to deal with the spiritual forces and take care of the natural side. We cannot neglect either.

We deal with the spiritual side with the knowledge of the Word of God, the power of His love and the power of the Holy Spirit.

When a child grows up in an environment where there is God’s love, God’s Word, and the power of prayer, he will grow secure.

Training is more than teaching. It involves teaching the principles of God’s Word and how to apply them in their lives.

Knowing the Heavenly Father is very important for your child’s life. How we govern our home based on God’s love and Word sets the environment for a child’s growth.

Parents’ love is selfish and can spoil your child. For example, if you never have parental love and try to make up by pouring your love into your child because you are afraid they will grow up without the love you should have, you end up spoiling the child.

Parental Love Is Selfish

Only the Heavenly Father’s love is perfect and not selfish.

For God so loved the world that He gave. Love gives without motive and does not give to get something in return.

We are parents who love our children; that love is selfish if we do not love them with the Heavenly Father’s love.

There is no perfect individual, no perfect church, and no perfect family. Do you think Jesus’s family that He grew up in was perfect? No way, because His parents, and brothers and sisters were not perfect. In that family, the only one who was perfect was Jesus. But God still entrusted Joseph and Mary with His perfect Son, Jesus.

When there is the Heavenly Father’s love in the home, it is powerful; it is perfect; it is persistent; it is persevering; it is prevailing. As your child grows up in such an environment, he is ready to face any challenges because he can draw from the Father’s love. We can only prepare him for the world; we cannot shield him from the world.

As a family and individual, expect everything from God, nothing from man, and we won’t be disappointed.

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