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Angelic Help and Protection

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
September 22, 2019

Angelic Help and Protection

How does the Heavenly Father protect us? 

• He has His angels to protect us; they influence the natural realm to protect us.

• He gives us new strategies for e.g. new business strategies to protect our businesses.

• His angels go forth to arrange others to protect us.

• God will send an angel to protect and bring you into the place He has prepared for you.

• When the Lord commands, the angels will obey Him perfectly. 

• God commanded His angel to lead Israel into the land of Canaan. 

• Oftentimes when we pray, angels are sent through our prayers and they go with us to keep and guard us, to bring us to the place the Father has prepared for us. 

What is our responsibility?

• Take heed. Take heed means to pay attention and consider carefully what he is saying

• Listen and obey when an angel gives you a message from God; the word he brings will not violate the Word of God.

• Do not rebel against the Word of God; it will be rebelling against God and the angel. Angels will not rebel against the Word, but instead submit to the Word of God. When we do not submit to the Word, we are provoking the angels because they cannot stand rebellion. They are holy angels,  righteous and just; therefore the phrase ‘My Name is in him’. They do not have the ability to pardon you. When we do not submit to the Word, the angel cannot keep and guard you and bring you into the place God has prepared for you.

• Whatever the angels do for you, it is to help fulfill the Father’s purpose for your life. 

• Angels will help you however your are functioning in the body of Christ whether you are serving with your gifts, or operating according to God’s calling and direction. Angels operate on the earth for that purpose.

• Angels can help you do things and influence others to open doors. They also influence divine connections, or may influence someone to meet your financial need. They could remove barriers and obstacles along your path.

• In obedience to God’s Word, angels protect us in the natural realm. 

• Angels also protect us from the spirits in the spirit world.