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Breakthrough and Breaking Into

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
August 4, 2019

Breakthrough and Breaking Into

Israel’s ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, did very well. They all became very rich and lived in the Promised Land, in the perfect will of God. Jacob and his twelve sons with their families went down to Egypt to escape the severe famine. But they stayed beyond the season and was in bondage when a new Pharaoh ruled Egypt.

They were so oppressed that they cried out to the Lord for a breakthrough, to breakout of the bondage of Egypt. The Lord raised up Moses who delivered them.  

God wants to raise up strong local churches. But what does a strong local church have to do with your breakthrough and breaking into?

What is a Strong Local Church?

Why does the Lord want to build strong local churches? It is because the devil wants to weaken you spiritually to defeat you. A strong local church will carry you along for you to grow strong and the power of the Holy Spirit to meet your needs.

Apostle Peter was imprisoned and needed a breakthrough for his deliverance. The local church prayed earnestly, constantly, fervently, and without ceasing. They were in united prayer, praying with unknown tongues, supplicating, for Peter. They were with one mind and one purpose – in unity.

A strong local church is a church that is strong in faith. The members are able to pray even though not seeing what is going on in the lives of others, not seeing what the Holy Spirit is doing, not seeing the work of an angel. But they continue earnestly, fervently, constantly, praying for the person or persons till there is a breakthrough or a breaking into something new.

The power of prayer will help people to break into what God has planned for them; breaking into new markets, new phases, new startups, etc.