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Build His Altar For Yourself and Your Children

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
January 19, 2020

Build His Altar For Yourself and Your Children

Abraham was living in the Ur of the Chaldeans, somewhere south east of Bagdad, Iraq. Bagdad was ancient Babylon. The Lord spoke to Abraham to leave to go to the land that the Lord would show him. Abraham and his father together with Lot (his brother’s son) moved to Haran but his father died there. Then they moved south to the land of Canaan. When he reached Shechem, he built an altar to the Lord.

Altar means “to slaughter” and “a place of sacrifice.” An altar is a type of the church today. An altar is a place where you bring your offerings, a sacrifice. It is also where you worship and where you serve – it is a type of your local church.

An altar is also a place where God ministers to His people. 

An altar is a place of sacrifice where they slaughter animals to sacrifice to God, among other things. They also bring their tithes and offerings to God. 
It is a place where they come to sacrifice, to bow, and to worship and to praise God. A place where they bring their offerings as thanksgiving for what God has done for them. 

When they had God in their hearts, the first thing they did was to build Him an altar. Then they had a heart of worship, a heart of thanksgiving, and a heart of gratefulness. 

The altar of prayer is also an altar of fellowship with the Almighty God.

If Abraham had not been building altars for the Lord, he would not have offered up Isaac as a sacrifice. He would not have been able to obey this commandment of the Lord.