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Consider Jesus and Hold Fast Your Confession

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
May 19, 2019

Consider Jesus and Hold Fast Your Confession

Be Consecrated. You want to be sure the Lord has given you a promise; it is not you who have conjured it up.

Lay it down before the Lord saying, “Lord, Your will be done and not mine. If what I have is not from you, I am willing to lay it down, and please show and guide me.”  You would want to clear your emotions over something or someone, and prepare yourself mentally to completely let that thing or person go. Don’t ever say or think you cannot let go of anything. If the Lord directs you to let go, then be 100% willing to let go. 

Pray daily, “Your will be done not mine,” “I release what is of my own will for Your will.” “I live to fulfil Your will and Your plan.”

Once you know what the promise of God is, hold fast to it and confess it. Do not consider the incurable, nor the hopeless situation. Instead consider the Father’s and Jesus’ promises and their faithfulness. And the power of the Holy Ghost will ensure that the promises are fulfilled and assuring; assuring He is faithful.

Consider not the impossible but consider the promise. Consider God is faithful and powerful to do what He has promised. 

This is how you consider the High Priest, the Lord Jesus. 

Hold fast without wavering. How not to waver? Don’t look at the impossible again. Don’t consider the body that is dead and the deadness of Sarah’s womb as in Abraham’s situation. Consider the promise. Consider He is faithful. 

Consider not the incurable. Believe you’re healed and hold fast to your confession. 

The Lord’s promise is your faith. Your faith is knowing what He has promised you in the Bible and what He has spoken to you. 

He promised when hands are laid on the sick, they will recover. 

If you are looking for direction and your destiny, know He has promised to guide and lead you. 

When the Lord has shown you in a vision or a dream concerning your future, and spoken to you that there will be a door, then:

• Ascertain it is a promise from God

• Consider the promise 

• Consider He is faithful who has spoken

• Believe His promise will be fulfilled

• Hold fast to your confession

• Be patient