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Consider The Facts & Promises of Jesus

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
May 12, 2019

Consider The Facts & Promises of Jesus

God did not plan sickness and disease to be on earth, He did not plan anything evil. 

Sickness and disease did not originate with God. After Adam and Eve sinned against God, Satan took dominion over the earth from them. Since then sickness and disease began to fill the surface of the earth. 

We believe radically there is no sickness in Zion, the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Isaiah 33:24 (GW)
24  No one who lives ⌊in Zion⌋ will say, “I’m sick.”
The sins of its inhabitants will be forgiven.

God never planned for sickness and God will not put sickness on anyone because He is our loving and good Heavenly Father. Anyone who is sick will be healed and he will say, “I’m not sick.”

At the age of 75, God spoke to Abraham to leave Haran and told him that he would have a son. God assured him again that he was going to have a son. However Sarah was impatient and gave her servant to Abraham and at the age of 86 he had a son, Ishmael who was born out of God’s will and plan. God’s promise was for Abraham to have a son with Sarah. When he was 99 years old the Lord appeared to him and told him Sarah would conceive and have a son the following year. 

Abraham was 99 years and Sarah was 89. Both their bodies were not able to have children. 

When they heard this, they both laughed at the Lord in unbelief. But they made the adjustment and changed their stand from one of unbelief to belief – believing that it would be so. They were going to have a son. 

What did Abraham and Sarah do to change from unbelief to believing the impossible?