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Corporate Prayer of The Church

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
July 12, 2020

Corporate Prayer of The Church

Corporate prayers of the Church can change the course of a nation. It can even change an event. Especially so when a country is in trouble or before it gets into trouble.

Why is the small prayer group also important in a local church? Because it is more focused on the needs of the people in that group. It is also where others help to pray for one another.

If a local church has both Corporate prayer and small prayer groups, they allow the believers to participate in the prayer ministry. This will help keep their prayers alive in their personal spiritual life.

The condition of our spiritual life will affect our natural life, in the long run.

There are things the churches should do to get the believers to pray:
• Teach on Prayer from the Word of God
• Have Corporate Prayer
• Share Testimonies on prayer to inspire the believers to pray

When the Church comes together to pray, tremendous power is released, and the kingdom of darkness in the heavenly suffers violence because the power of the Holy Spirit and angelic powers are being released, to violently take the devil’s hands off the lives of the people on earth.

Forceful people here do not refer to being forceful in the natural. In the spirit realm, we are to be forceful, releasing forcing Holy Spirit power.

When we pray fervently, earnestly, and continuously, we are forcefully shaking and taking the heavens of darkness by force.

As the Church comes together in Corporate Prayer, tremendous power is being released, dynamically blasting the spiritual realm of darkness.