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Covenant of Love

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
July 8, 2018

Covenant of Love

The Heavenly Father’s covenant with humanity is the covenant of love because  God is love  and He loves humanity. There is neither hate nor evil from the Father’s covenant. 

 Since love does no harm and fulfils the law, then the law is not for doing harm to Israel. And since God’s covenant is a covenant of love, God never harms mankind. The exception was in the Old Testament when God had to destroy the enemies of His people to preserve the human race from whom Jesus would come to save mankind. The devil tried to destroy the whole of mankind with the flood but God saved Noah and his family to carry on the human race for Jesus to come. 

God had the covenant of love with the human race since Adam and Eve. Jesus came to the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve sinned. He had animal skin to make clothes out for the both of them. Hence the first covenant of blood was cut for the covering of man’s sin. 
Abel continued to keep the covenant when he offered animal sacrifices to the Lord. Abel kept the covenant of love. He brought the first fruits of his animals and his abundance to offer to the Lord and God was pleased. When Noah came out of the Ark he offered sacrifices to God as well.  Noah kept the covenant of love. God was pleased and declared He would never allow the earth to be completely annihilated.

During the time of Abraham and his father, Terah, the people worshipped idols. The Lord led Abraham to leave Mesopotamia to go into the land of Canaan. In the land of Canaan God cut a covenant with Abraham. Abraham kept the covenant by offering sacrifices to God. 

When Israel was in bondage in Egypt, this practice of offering sacrifices stopped. God had to reinstitute it through the law of Moses. Moses kept the covenant by building the Tabernacle of Moses. This was passed down till Jesus came to earth.