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Faith That Overcomes the World

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
October 7, 2018

Faith That Overcomes the World

What does it take to ride this tide of trade war? Facing a time of uncertainty and receiving adverse reports about its possible outcomes and the long drawn effects.

Now is the time to use our faith to ride this challenging period. There is nothing you have done to cause the economic war, and there is nothing you can do to avoid the impact of this war. It is all part of the world system. 

Jesus told His disciples to get into the boat to cross over to the other side, and in the middle of the night they were all caught in a severe storm. Even Jesus Himself was in the boat caught in the storm. The storm was not of their doing. It came and they were caught in it.

Paul was also caught in a storm that was not of his doing. He could not rebuke the storm with his faith and use the authority he had in the Name of Jesus. He could only ride the storm with his faith and the special faith that came to him when he was in the ship. The special faith was sent to him by an angel.

1 John 5: 4 “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—[a]our faith.”  We are overcomers and it is time for us to put our faith into action. The faith that overcomes the world, the faith that overcomes the world system!