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God Speaks, We Speak

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
December 15, 2019

God Speaks, We Speak

The Heavenly Father is all knowing because He is all seeing; He sees the end from the beginning. When He sees it, at the right time and in the right place, He will show you (as He sees fit).

For example, there have been many experiences of different people who had visions of things from the Lord before it happened and then it happened. How could the Holy Spirit show you exactly what would happen in a vision or a dream? It is because He sees and knows things way before it actually happens in your life. 

The Father planned Jesus’ return and it will happen because He will do it. God does not fail in what He plans to do. 

The Father will prepare a man or a woman or call him or her out to fulfil His plan. If He cannot find someone nearby, He will call him or her from a country far away. The Father will always have someone to carry out His plan.

If the Lord calls you, are you willing to come out of where you are, to go to where you ought to be? If not, He will call someone else.

The Heavenly Father is not someone wishy washy. When He makes a plan, He prepares someone who would surely be willing to come out of where he is to fulfil the plan of the Father. 

The Heavenly Father called Jesus out of Nazareth; a small and insignificant town. God called David from the hills and the mountains where he was shepherding his father’s sheep, where he fought the lions and the bears. God prepared him. God called him to fight Goliath in preparation for him to be king. That was God’s plan.

On the slopes of the mountain, God saw a teenage boy named David. His father sent him to lead the sheep and inevitably sent him to the lions and the bears on the mountain. God used that to prepare David to fight Goliath one day. In fighting Goliath, God prepared to be the king of wars.

Your life is like David the shepherd, David the teenage boy who fought Goliath, David who became King of Israel. God sees the end from the beginning.