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God’s Ideal of Marriage (Part 2)

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
February 9, 2020

God’s Ideal of Marriage (Part 2)

There are two institutions the Heavenly Father built which the devil fights the hardest – the family and the church.

The Heavenly Father created the family first with Adam and Eve. A few thousand years later, He created the church through the Lord Jesus Christ.

 It is important that we let the Word of God build strong families and churches.

What is another of God’s ideal for marriage?

Does a believer have any right to marry an unbeliever?

Believers are made righteous in Christ. There is the light of the Holy Spirit in our spirit but there is darkness in the spirit of the unbelievers. 

Believers and unbelievers cannot communicate from their spirit concerning divine things; things that are from God. There is no fellowship between their spirits.

A Christian who marries a non-Christian marries someone who is not influenced by God. To a greater or lesser degree that person is influenced by the devil. 

Three things happen as a result:

• The Christian may forfeit his freedom; freedom to obey God’s will for his life, to worship and to give, because his spouse may forbid him from going to church, or bringing their children to church

• Limits his fellowship with God; when he wants to pray and fellowship with God, the devil can use his spouse to hinder him. And in the home where the spouse is not a Christian, the spiritual atmosphere is not to its fulness where the children grow up together with him fellowshipping with the Father. A deeper fellowship with the Father is important because He will be able to show the person deeper things in the spirit pertaining to his and his family’s lives.

• It will put him under bondage; the spouse may be worldly and will therefore influence him to do worldly things that can put him into bondage.