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Stand Against Sickness, Oppression, and the Devil

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
March 10, 2019

Stand Against Sickness, Oppression, and the Devil

We need to be strengthened. The spiritually weak needs to be strengthened, the spiritual strong also needs to be strengthened by the strength of His power.  

We are strengthened by being clothed with the full armour of God. 

The full armour is the Word of Truth from the Gospel of truth. Truth in every topic.

It doesn’t say fight against the schemes of the devil, but stand against them.

Jesus Christ has already defeated Satan and overcome every power of his that puts man into bondage. Every power of Satan was laid on the Spirit of Jesus. But Jesus rose again against the power of Satan. We are now in Christ, so the power of Satan no longer has any power or dominion over our spirit, soul, and body. 

To stand against the schemes and deceits of the devil is to stand on the fact that Jesus Christ has overcome them. Therefore we have overcome them also.

The power of Satan will try to shake us, move us, or shift us from standing in the position of victory over him. 

When we stand against the schemes or deceits of the devil, we make a stand with our mind, emotions, will, and spirit. 

With the truth in our spirit and mind, we withstand with courage without giving in to the schemes or deceits of the devil.

Every sickness and disease are the schemes of the devil, every oppression and depression are the deceits of the devil, every financial trap, poverty or debt are the schemes and the deceits of the devil.

We are to stand our ground with the Word of Truth (the Amour of God). Stand our ground and having done everything we need to do, stand our ground again.