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Hedge of Protection Against Oppression

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
May 10, 2020

Hedge of Protection Against Oppression

Job got into fear and lost everything except his life. God forbid Satan from taking it.

God blessed Job and put up a hedge or protective wall around him and over all he had. However, Job lowered this wall of protection because he was perpetually in fear. 

What is your protective wall, and how do you keep it up, to guard against oppression and depression?

To stand against the oppression of the devil, we must understand that we are a spirit, we have a soul, and we live in the body.

To guard against fear, we must understand the battles or attacks in the mind (which is part of the soul). 

If we are to stand strong against the devil, we will need to learn that our spirit is born again and the Holy Spirit dwells in our spirit when we accept Jesus as Lord.

The power of the Holy Spirit will protect our spirit.

The spirit is born again and is saved. It is a new creation; created righteous and holy. It has the fullness of the fruits from the Spirit. We have the Holy Spirit and His power residing in our spirit.

But we still need to build up our spirit man with strength. There are three ways of building your spirit.

When we implant the Word of God into our mind, we are renewing our mind with the truth. 

The Word in our soul will deliver our mind from wrong thinking and wrong believing; from Satan’s thoughts.

The Word of God is powerful. It preserves our mind from thinking about things that lead to depression and oppression. 

The Word will keep you alive. It keeps your mouth from speaking death because life and death lies in the power of the tongue. You will know to take authority against suicidal thoughts. 

Feeding our spirit with the Word and renewing our mind with the Word will give us the ability to stand strong against the devil’s thoughts.  

With the truth of God’s Word in your mind, when the devil puts his thoughts, you know how to reject them.

With the Word rooted like a seed, it will renew the mind.