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Honour the Lord with Your Wealth and Build His Altar

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
June 9, 2019

Honour the Lord with Your Wealth and Build His Altar

Abraham left his homeland and went to Canaan. The Lord appeared to him and he built God an altar at Shechem. Then Abraham went further to look for a place to settle and pitch his tent (build his house). 

When he found the place he wanted to settle in, he first built an altar to the Lord. A severe famine in the land caused Abraham to bring his family down to Egypt. After a while he returned to Canaan. 

The first thing Abraham did was to go back to the altar and worship the Lord. God was first in his life and in his heart. Whenever Abraham reached a place, he would build God an altar. 

Another way we honour the Lord is to seek Him or put God first in our lives. 

If we acknowledge God is first in our lives, then we acknowledge to let Him rule our lives. Letting God rule means He decides what we do with our finances.

Seeking His righteousness is seeking His way of doing things. 

His way is through tithes and offerings.