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House of Prayer

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
July 7, 2019

House of Prayer

The synagogue in those days, were supposed to be a house of prayer; not just for themselves or their families, but for all nations. But there was no more prayer in the house of God, instead it had turned into a marketplace. 

A quote from Jeremiah 7:11. The meaning of Jesus’ statement about making the temple courts a den of robbers probably means:

a) Not only were the religious leaders robbing the people financially, b) but because of this they had also robbed them spiritually by stealing from them the opportunity to come to know God genuinely.
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We can draw lessons from Jesus’ statement:

When there is no prayer in the temple of God, thieves (in the bible refers to demonic spirits) will come in and rob people of their health and wealth. Prayers will keep the thieves out of God’s temple. 

We are the temple of God because the Holy Spirit dwells in us. We may also apply this spiritual principle to our homes. Prayer in the house (prayer groups) will keep the thieves out of the house.