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How Do We Know We Can Trust the Heavenly Father?

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
March 29, 2020

How Do We Know We Can Trust the Heavenly Father?

In a time of unprecedented crisis, the most important ingredient for living is, Faith. 

When The Lord Jesus speaks, we act to prepare for what is to come, and we will be safe. 

When we hear from the Lord Jesus, we receive it, believe it, and we will receive His grace for such a time. His grace is always sufficient for us. 

Faith is hearing the spoken Word of God, hence trust will come into our spirit.

How do we know we can trust the Heavenly Father?

The Heavenly Father did not demand that we be committed to Him. But the primary thrust of the gospel is that God committed Himself to us. 

Not that we are to love God, but God loves us. Not that we are to be dedicated to God, but He  is dedicated to us. 

Neither is it about what we are to do for the Heavenly Father, but what the Heavenly Father has done for us.

We are to be committed to the Heavenly Father, be dedicated to Him, serve Him, and seek His will. All these actions are our response to His love and grace.

When we see and experience how much God loves us, our love for Him increases.

The Heavenly Father loves us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die and establish the Blood Covenant for us. 

The Blood Covenant is an oath that the Father swears by; He swore to fulfil all that is spoken in the Blood Covenant.

Can we trust the Heavenly Father to keep His Word? Can we trust the Father to keep His oath? Is not Romans 8:32 His Word and His oath in this New Covenant? Can we trust His Word? 

God magnifies His Word above His Name. How do you know His Name is trustworthy and weighty? By His Word, you will know how good and powerful is His Name. His Name represents all things that are from God. How do we know what His Name represents? We know from His Word. He magnifies His Word above His name. We know Him and His nature by His Word.