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How Do We Walk Through A Crisis?

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
April 5, 2020

How Do We Walk Through A Crisis?

The Heavenly Father’s unfailing love will always protect you. This is His very nature. How many of you love your children? Will you not always protect them from harm? How much more the Heavenly Father who always does His utmost to protect and preserve you from the devil’s destruction.

Nine generations after Adam, at the time of Noah, the world had evolved to the point where evil was all over the earth causing God to declare He would not always protect humankind.

What does it mean when the Lord said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever ….?”

Since the day God created the heaven and the earth, by default the Heavenly Father will protect the human race. By default means, the Heavenly Father will protect mankind by His grace; unconditional, unlimited, and unmerited

At the time of Noah, the human race was given to evil due to the influence of Satan’s power. The Lord pleaded with them to turn away from evil; to repent. It infers the Lord argued with the human race about repenting. So there were arguments back and forth between the Lord and the human race.

The Lord could foresee there was going to be a flood that would destroy the whole human race in 120 years’ time. So the Lord pleaded and argued with them to repent.

But the Lord also saw and was well aware that man would not repent or turn away from evil. They continued to stray deeper into Satan’s influence, alas too far away from God’s protection. They pushed away God’s grace of protection; they were saying they did not need God’s grace.

Eventually the Lord said, “My Spirit will not always protect the human race, for the race will suddenly be destroyed,” by the flood. The Lord could not always protect because they rejected His grace of protection by continuing in their evil ways. 

In Mark chapter 5, there was a woman who was subject to bleeding for 12 years and had spent all she had on many doctors but did not get any better. She was desperate with no solution in sight, until she heard about Jesus and knew He was passing by. She received her miracle from Jesus because she drew power from His garment. 

If you are in a financial crisis, or under oppression for many years, or perhaps suffering from depression, or coping through this world crisis, the spiritual principles from this story will greatly help you.