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How the Israelites Dishonoured the Lord

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
May 26, 2019

How the Israelites Dishonoured the Lord

God honours us when we honour Him.

When the Lord gives to us and provides for our every need, He is honouring His commitment to the covenant and His commitment to us as our Heavenly Father. 

Why do we honour the Heavenly Father? It is because He is God and our Heavenly Father, and Jesus is Our Lord. He honours us by honouring His commitment to us.

So our commitment is to honour the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. This is our commitment to the Blood Covenant of our Lord Jesus. 

When we honour Him, He honors us again and we continue to honour Him. 

It is the Heavenly Father who gives us all and gives us to give to Him. We honour Him, the One who provides for us, protects us, preserves us, guides and directs us, give us hope and a bright future.

Do you know how the Lord will honour those who honour Him? 

When we know how Israel dishonoured the Lord, we will avoid the same mistake.

There were four things that the Lord held against the nation of Israel that dishonoured Him. The dishonour was done to God’s temple. In today’s context, the Church is God’s temple and where we build His altar.