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How You Can Know the Will of God

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
July 1, 2018

How You Can Know the Will of God

In seeking to know what the Father’s will is, don’t pray against what is written in the Word of God. If it is already found in the Bible then don’t ask for something that is opposite of what is written. The Word of God was first spoken then written. Asking for anything that is contrary to what is written is asking for something that is not the will of God at all. 

Jesus said if we choose to do God’s will, we will know and we will surely know what is the Father’s will for us. Jesus chose to do God’s will because He wanted to please the Father. It takes faith to please the Father. The Father’s Word is His will and His will is our faith. If we wholeheartedly choose to do the Father’s will, He will always  show us His perfect will.

There are also four other things which we can do to know the Father’s will. Ultimately anyone who chooses to do the Father’s will, will always know what the Father’s perfect will is.