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Is Jesus the Lord of Your Life?

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
March 15, 2020

Is Jesus the Lord of Your Life?

We are made righteous to do what is right and just before the Lord Jesus Christ. In the Kingdom of my Heavenly Father, He is God and Jesus is Lord.

To seek first the kingdom of God is to seek the Lord’s way, His idea, His knowledge and understanding and wisdom on issues of life.

We seek the Lord Jesus on issues pertaining to our lives because we made Him Lord when we confessed Jesus as our Lord upon salvation.

The word ‘saved’ in Greek is the word ‘sozo’ and it means you are healed, made whole, saved from going to hell, preserved, protected, kept safe, kept alive, delivered. All these are because Jesus is Lord of your life.

Anyone who confesses Jesus is Lord and is fully obedient to Him, then Jesus is truly Lord of his or her life. And when we use our authority in the Name of Jesus to take dominion over sickness, or depression, or the thief (the devil) who steals our finances, and the spirit of fear that binds us, our authority will be effective.

If Jesus is not Lord of our lives, then when we use His Name, the demonic powers will not bow to the Name of Jesus. Sickness will not bow, diseases will not bow, the thief will not bow, and oppression of the mind will not bow to the Name of Jesus.

Make Jesus Lord of your life!