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Jesus Prayed Till the Early Hours of the Morning

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
October 20, 2019

Jesus Prayed Till the Early Hours of the Morning

At every critical juncture of Jesus’ life, He prayed. 

Every critical juncture in life may not be a crisis, but it could be the beginning of a crisis. 

Therefore it is important that we pray before we reach a critical juncture and when we are at a critical juncture in life. It will help us avoid any crisis after passing that critical point.

After Jesus was baptised, He prayed. An unusual thing happened. The heavens opened and He heard the voice of His Father. 

Jesus was anointed by the fullness of the Holy Ghost power and He began His ministry. A new phase of His life on earth began.

Jesus prayed and He heard from the Father. 

In fact, Jesus prayed frequently. He even prayed all night. What required Him to pray all night? Why did He pray all night?

The Father had a plan to call twelve men into the ministry of the Apostles of the Lamb. There were no one who could take the place of these 12.

Furthermore, they were caught in a storm that could have sunk their boat and taken their lives.

However, Jesus was already on the mountain praying long before the storm took place.

Today, Jesus is no longer on earth to be on the mountain praying for us, but He has His local church to take His place on the mountain. Your local church takes Jesus’ place on the mountain to pray for you long before the storm comes your way – unannounced and unexpected.

Jesus covered His disciples with prayer, the local church covers you with prayer. Jesus did not pray from the position as God. He prayed by the anointing of the Holy Ghost as the Son of man. That is the reason why He could not go to them earlier. Only when  the night was ending, between 3 to 6am, then He came down from the mountain and walked on the water towards the boat. 

To save the twelve apostles of the Lamb, Jesus had to pray through; almost the whole night. 

The gifts of the Holy Spirit came into manifestation for Jesus to walk on the water as the Son of man.

Are you in a local church that prays long before you encounter your storm of life?