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Jesus Protects His Church

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
August 16, 2020

Jesus Protects His Church

Jesus is the Lord and Shepherd over His Church, the Body of Christ. He ordained under-shepherds (pastors) for each local church, to help Him feed, guide, and to shield (protect) the sheep.

Whenever there is strife, demonic spirits are involved, and there will be oppression.

Do not allow anyone to come to you saying, “I tell you something, but don’t tell the pastor.” If any one of my pastors agrees to that, it will open the door for the devil to sow discord among the pastoral staff, and you become an instrument of the devil.

The Lord had Samuel the prophet to anoint Saul to be king. Samuel later also anointed David to be king when he was just a teenage shepherd boy, looking after his father’s sheep on the mountain. After David defeated Goliath as a teenager, Saul became jealous of him and tried many times to kill him. One day King Saul went into the cave to relieve himself, and that presented an opportunity for David to kill him. By then, David had already an army of men following him.

Even though Saul was doing evil and harm to David, David was conscience-stricken for cutting off the king’s robe. The king’s robe is a symbol of his God-ordained authority. You cannot cut off whom the Lord has set or ordained into a position.

David told his men not to touch or harm Saul; his men wanted to kill Saul in the cave. David understood that when he touched the Lord’s anointed, he was going against the Lord. David had to run and allow the Lord to remove Saul. David, anointed to be king in Saul’s stead had to wait for the Lord to set him into that place of authority.

Korah incited others to rebel against Moses and Aaron, the high priest. Korah questioned why they had lifted and exalted themselves or set themselves, above the rest of the Lord’s people.

Do you know what rebellion is? When they forgot it was God who used Moses and Aaron to lead them out of Egypt and set them above the rest of the people. It was not Moses or Aaron, who set themselves to be above them.

God was the One who set them above all the people and anointed them to function in place of the prophet or judge, and the high priest.

God anointed Israel to fulfil His plan and purpose, and set prophets, judges, and later kings to rule over Israel, and set priests to lead them to worship in God’s temple. God was the One who anointed them. God had a plan that Jesus come through Israel. God is not going to allow anyone to annihilate Israel.

Israel was God’s anointed to fulfil His covenant He made with Abraham. The covenant was about the covenant Jesus established for the whole of mankind.

God would not allow anyone to oppress Israel, and He rebuked kings for their sake.

Israel was a type of the Church, and the prophet is a type of Jesus the prophet and Shepherd.