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Jesus the Passover 1

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
April 14, 2019

Jesus the Passover 1

During the Passover, many thousands of pilgrims flocked into Jerusalem. The residents were obliged to open their homes to these pilgrims, providing them with the facilities for celebrating the Passover.

Jesus reinterpreted the symbolism of the Passover meal and a new era was coming. This can be better understood with the Passover God commanded Moses.

First purpose: Jesus said to do it in remembrance of Him. Reminds us Jesus gave His body and His blood for the redemption of the world. His blood flowed from His body, speaks of His death. He died for the sins of the world. He died to pay the price of sin which is death. Jesus died physically and spiritually. His physical body ceased to live and His Spirit died by separation from God. When we partake Holy Communion it fulfils the first purpose.

Second purpose: Holy Communion is a time of looking back to what Jesus did on the cross. The second purpose is to look forward with hope and anticipation of Jesus’ next coming.

Third purpose: Holy Communion reminds us we are part of the body of Christ. The one loaf of bread speaks of the one body of Christ.